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About Caroline…

“If a picture paints a thousand words, then I must have created a whole story over the years!

My career in making, creating and painting started when I was very small; with large sheets of lining paper pinned to the garage wall, tins of poster paint and dad’s old paint brushes.

The love of painting continues - I have moved on from lining paper and poster paint to small pots of paint, fine quality paint brushes and working in a comfy conservatory overlooking my garden.

Here I can create personalised little pieces of art for every event.

I am still making and creating too - more recently wood burning, or to give it's correct name - pyrography.

My husband bought me a pyrography machine for my birthday several years ago and in my excitement to get started, used clothes pegs as a handy practice item. This lead to friends and family placing orders for wooden hearts and postcards, treasure boxes and snowmen, golfing medals and garden tools,

Oh, and a memorial plaque for a furry boot, don't ask, it's a long story...!

Each item, pyrographed or painted is unique and made to order with care and attention.”